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Official distributor of Fourfive & Canzon in Asia Pacific - Email us for wholesale prices

How To Use CBD

For people new to CBD, finding the right dose can be difficult as it is a very personalised process. CBD dosing can vary depending on factors like weight, age, the condition you’re treating, strength of the oil you’re using and more.Below we have developed a CBD Dosage Guide & Calculator to help you maximise the full potential of CBD’s benefits.

CBD Is A Personalised Process 

The optimal dose of CBD is diffrent for everybody. It is dependent on a variety of factors, including:

• Height
• Weight
• Type of condition you’re treating
• Severity of symptoms you’re experiencing
• Your tolerance to CBD
• Your genetics and body chemistry
• The strength of the CBD product you’re using

When starting out begin with a small amount of CBD, ideally ~2-5mg per dose, 2-3x per day and gradually increase from there until you start to feel it take effect. See the diagram below to help you with the process.

How To Use CBD

Although CBD is incredibly personalised there is a general rule of thumb that can be used to determine how much CBD you should based on your weight and the strength of effects you’re looking for.

WeightLow StrengthMedium StrengthHeigh Strength
1mg per 10lbs3mg per 10lbs6mg per 10lbs
Kilograms2mg per 10kg7mg per 10kg13mg per 10kg

What CBD Strength Should I Use?

As mentioned before your CBD dosage strength can vary depending on what condition you’re trying to treat. Below is a table of common conditions people use CBD for and the recommended strength for each condition.

AnxietyMedium to high strength
ArthritisMedium to high strength
Chronic PainMedium to high strength
General HealthLow strength
Muscle RecoveryLow to medium strength
NeuseaLow to medium strength
Migraine HeadachesLow to high strength
InsomniaMedium to high strength
ActivityLow to medium strength

Important things to consider when using CBD

• It is important to be consistent when taking CBD by using it on a daily basis

• If no effect is still taking place after increasing the dosage then try changing your application method

• CBD has not been found to have a lethal dosage limit. It has been well tolerated across a range of dosages with one study having patients take 1500mg per day.

•CBD is biphasic meaning it has opposite effects depending on your dosage strength. For example, a lower strength can create an alert effect while a higher strength can make you more relaxed.

Dosage charts for drops and sprays

CBD Oil Drops (30ml Bottle) 0,2 ml0,4 ml0,6 ml0,8 ml1 ml
250mg1.66mg CBD3.32mg CBD4.98mg CBD6.64mg CBD8.3mg CBD
500mg3.2mg CBD6.4mg CBD10.6mg CBD12.8mg CBD16mg CBD
1000mg6.6mg CBD13.2mg CBD19.8mg CBD26.4mg CBD33mg CBD
1500mg10mg CBD20mg CBD30mg CBD40mg CBD50mg CBD
2000mg13.2mg CBD26.4mg CBD39.6mg CBD52.8mg CBD66mg CBD
2500mg16.6mg CBD33.2mg CBD49.8mg CBD66.4mg CBD83mg CBD
3000mg20mg CBD40mg CBD60mg CBD80mg CBD100mg CBD
CBD Oil Sprays (30ml Bottle) 1 Spray2 Sprays3 Sprays
500mg2mg CBD4.1mg CBD6.2mg CBD
1000mg4.1mg CBD8.3mg CBD12.4mg CBD
2000mg8.3mg CBD16.6mg CBD24.9mg CBD